Industrial General Permit

     Scott Environmental offers its renowned compliance services under the Industrial General Permit (IGP). The updated IGP, which became effective July 2015, brought major revisions and changes to the previous permit. Now more than ever, industrial facilities are required to comply with regulations and laws in order to conduct business. Scott Environmental has an extensive depth of knowledge when it comes to all things stormwater and we want to help you figure it all out!

Industrial General Permit Outdoor Facility Storage

     Scott Environmental has Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioners (QISPs) who are trained to handle all compliance issues that may arise at industrial facilities. The Industrial General Permit requires QISP services for any facilities that have had a stormwater exceedance and elevated from Baseline to Level 1 or Level 2 status.

     The Industrial General Permit was designed for finished industrial facilities that regularly discharge stormwater through the year. These facilities might pose a hazard to the environment due to the nature of the chemicals or constituents that could contaminate stormwater discharges. Many types of facilities require coverage under the permit. Even those that do not discharge stormwater regularly need to file electronically for exemption forms. These forms may include: No Exposure Certificate (NEC), sample reduction procedures, or Notice of Non-Applicability to coverage (NONA).

Are You Covered Under the Industrial General Permit?

     The Industrial General Permit determines which industrial facilities are covered according to the facilities SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification Code). Attachment A of the permit designates which facilities are covered. Contact us today if you are unsure if your facility is regulated under the Industrial General Permit.

Industrial General Permit Outdoor Liquid Storage

Why Scott Environmental?

     The Scott Environmental team has accumulated a wealth of experience working with the stormwater compliance under multiple NPDES permits. We make SWPPP easy for our clients to understand. The Industrial General Permit is complex, and can be confusing for anyone. Through our program we will work for you to ensure your facility is compliant.

     We believe that training should be a priority so each facility and their own staff members can conduct their business while staying in compliance with the permit. No matter how much time our team spends at a facility, those who know it best are the ones that run it each and every day. We prefer to empower our clients to take matters into their hands while providing them our support, expertise, and credentials to ensure things go smoothly with business as usual.

     Don’t let stormwater regulations get you bogged down, we know the regulations inside and out. Our team at Scott Environmental is here to assure you that we can provide the services and training to make certain that your SWPPP is not deficient, while keeping at a price point that is not too costly to obtain.

Contact Scott Environmental Today to find out how we can make your Industrial General Permit SWPPP easy!