SENATE BILL 205 | SB 205

SB 205 Senate Bill 205

What is Senate Bill 205?

 In October 2019, the California Legislature enacted Senate Bill 205 in an effort to more successfully regulate and control stormwater pollution from industrial facilities.  Effective January 1, 2020, industrial sites will not be able to receive a business license or business license renewal unless they can demonstrate compliance with the State Waterboard’s Industrial General Permit (IGP) for stormwater discharge.

Why does SB 205 Matter?

 While existing law requires regulated businesses to file for IGP coverage, many have failed to do so while state and local agencies have been slow to enforce compliance. In Los Angeles County alone, It is estimated that there are approximately 6,000 industrial facilities that are required to comply with the IGP but have not yet filed for coverage. Advocates of SB 205 hope the bill will level the playing field for the industrial community and help California achieve its mission of attaining clean water. 

How can we help?

 We anticipate seeing an unprecedented number of facilities in need of IGP coverage with SB 205’s passing. Scott Environmental’s team of QISPs has been at the forefront of IGP consulting, helping Industrial facilities achieve coverage since its adoption in 2015. Therefore our QISPs are equipped to assist your facility with rapid, cost-efficient compliance. If you receive a notice from your city or county requiring proof of NPDES/ IGP coverage for your business license or you are curious whether your business falls under the regulated industrial activities, please give us a call to find out how we can help you achieve SB 205 compliance.